Main Activities

The company’s main activities are direct import from countries of origin approved by AVA Singapore – Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, France, New Zealand, USA, Urugray. Wholesale and retail distribution of beef, mutton, lamb and poultry prepared and cut according to various specifications required by customers, packed in insulated boxes and delivered by a fleet of refrigerated vehicles to respective retail outlets.

About Us

HANIFAA FROZEN FOOD is a private limited company incorporated in Singapore. Founder & chairman of this company is Mr. MOHAMED HANIFA having over 50 years experience in the food industry. It was established in 1958 started as a small retail shop being the sole proprietor and through his tirless efforts and ingenuity built up the company to its present corporate level competency achieving good reputation in the meat industry especially in customer care services.

The company imports directly from countries approved by AVA Singapore and exports to various parts of the world. We specialise in halal meat products only. We were in the 1970s one of the pioneers in the marketing of fresh beef derived from live cattle imported from Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Also in the sale of fresh mutton and lamb derived from live sheep imported from Australia – all of these animals being slaughtered in Jurong, Singapore abattoir.

Hanifaa Frozen .

Haniffa Frozen Food is honoured to achieved the Singapore Top Business Achiever Award in year 2016. ​

Our Services

Retail Stores

Retail Stores are stocked full of our goods.

Import Quality

We Import quality products from AVA approved regions around the world.


Wholesale options available with us!

Mr. MOHAMED HANIFAA is the Chairman. He has vast knowledge and experience in the meat industry and due to his perseverance and diligence has developed the company to its present high standard and reputation. He diversified to various service industries like education, restaurant and catering and formed a group of companies Hanifaa Group under his able leadership.

The other two directors, one is a medical practitioner specialised in surgery who gives inputs on health and hygiene in the company’s operations. The other director is a USA trained business administrator having vast knowledge and experience in marketing and computer information systems.

Mr. M. Hanifaa


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